Friday, August 29, 2008

We're not bored!

We laugh at ourselves because this is our nightly entertainment here in Whiterock! =) When we see the motion light come on out back we all sneak to the window to see if our badger friend is there. Sometimes Mr. Fox comes by. He's really pretty. But he usually come by late at night. And sometimes it's only a cat sitting there smirking at us like, "haha, made you look! Silly humans."


Sherri said...

Mr. Braxton: "To go and eat the nuts or not to go, that is the question!!!"

Anonymous said...

Are they friendly critters??

Kelly said...

Isn't it great to have local wildlife -- how educational for Elijah. We have had lots of different things in our yard: wild turkeys, ducks, two different kinds of woodpeckers among other kinds of birds,squirrels,chipmunks,
rabbits, a groundhog, and even a skunk. We even had a hawk once.