Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks Sherri!

Thanks Sherri, for thinking of us and making me a cute new header!

She's actually made a few new headers for me, that's what happens when a tropical storm/hurricane traps you inside your house for days on end! =) Those poor Floridians, so used to the sunshine and now stuck inside with endless rain. I'm defiantly not disappointed about missing the hurricane season!

I also have been thinking of a new name for the blog. Seeing as Elijah isn't going to be the only one anymore. Any ideas?
Added later: Yes, i'd like to include the whole family in the new blog name. Or even something along the lines of our goals. We'll see.

Note to Andy: I've had positive results from the Oreo test. Thankfully Northern Ireland oreos are the same size as regular American oreos.
At least there's one consistent thing in my life right now! =)


Carrie said...

it would all depend on boy or girl and maybe a name...You COULD call it "Gills' Giblets"...haha or not.

Mrs. Rabe said...

I like the new colors - looks very Autumn like!

You could name the blog something involving the whole family or something about where you live.

Like mine is Creekside Cottage, because that is the name of our house.

Aunt Deanna

Sherri said...

Here is another consistent thing in your life...
I still love you as a best friend!

Ashlee Joann said...

LOL! :)

I've been thinking the same... IF we have another..what the heck would I do with Ash's blog! I wouldn't want TWO...but then it is hers.... so yeah..I'd prolly just start another! hahahaha...

good luck! :)