Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Evening with Robert and Donna

We had a good time last night with Robert and Donna. Elijah gave me no peace yesterday afternoon, he kept asking over and over to go to "Donna's house". (note to self: don't tell El we're going to Donna's until two minuets before we leave!)

They took us to see the ducks and geese at the pond.
Elijah and Robert
Geoff playing tennis on Donna's Wii.

Robert, Elijah and DonnaThat's Elijah's new look when we ask him to smile. =)


Anonymous said...

How sweet!! Are these new friends?

Oh no Melissa, never tell your child you're going somewhere, it will wear you out!! LOL

Love the smile Elijah!

Kelly said...

Anthony was always like that if he knew we were going somewhere, too. They just get so excited!

Elijah's new smile is cute; pixielike.

Crystal said...

that's a smile I haven't seen before! Funny! Hurray for new friends :-)