Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some pictures from Andrew's Graduation

Andrew did a great job speaking at his graduation service yesterday afternoon. He started out asking if we knew the answer to the most important question we would ever be asked... "where will you spend eternity?"

Here's the family picture... Geoff, Elijah, Me, Andrew, Dad, Mom, Crystal and Grandma
Andrew talking to mom and Mrs. Robertson at the reception.
Me and my sweet boy
Good family friends, the Robertsons.
Mr. Robertson took most of these pictures for us.Andrew and his friend having a one legged race with Geoff's crutches!
They had a couple photographers there taking pictures that will be available soon.
I'll probably put some of them up when i get them.


Kristi said...

How neat that he spoke at graduation. it's nice to know that they never grow out of the playing with crutches thing. My boys were all over daddy's.

Alicia said...

Love all the pics! What a great accomplishment and to ask such a bold question, thats wonderful!! Looks like you all enjoyed celebrating that special time!!

Anonymous said...

I always get choked up at HS Graduations!! It is such an accomplishment!! I even got choked looking at Andrew's pictures!! Well we are kinda family, sorta, a teeny bit, barely, minutely....

HEE HEE You get the drift!!

Lori said...

Hurray!!!! I found you!!! Anytime you want to swing by we are home. We're down to one car at the moment so it's kinda hard for us to go anywhere but Vance is working on riding his bike to work on a regular basis so we might be able to come visit once I know when we'll have the van more often. Anyhow we would LOVE to have Elijah come over and play with Elise. She needs somebody to wear her out!!! OK I'm off to read and catch up on you guys!!!

Jesse and Sherri said...

We are so sorry we missed this big day, but are glad we can see some pictures of the special event. Congrats to Andrew!!!