Thursday, May 22, 2008

Family Times

Good morning, i just want to share a couple pictures from last evening. My family came over for dinner here at our house. I finally got some pictures of my grandma, Elijah's great grandma. She really hates to have her picture taken but she sat for a few minuets for us last night.

My grandma is a great lady. We had to say goodbye to her last night. =( We're going to miss her!
Thank you for all your comments, prayers and well wishes for Geoff. He is doing pretty good. He had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and they took out the staples. Then put some sticky strips on to keep it closed. It looks a lot better. We're thanking God for no infection so far!
He can start to bend his leg slightly now. He's going to have to to physical therapy three times a week starting in a week or so. It's amazing how weak his leg is from just one week of not using it!
Rachel, we received your gift yesterday! A whole box of Starbucks coffee and Chai tea!Delicious! Thank you!


Mrs. Rabe said...

I still remember how taken Sarah was with Grandma Day at your wedding. Do you remember at the rehersal how Sarah "helped" the usher walk her down the aisle? We have some pretty cute pictures of them together!

I am glad you got to have time with her.

Glad Geoff is doing well also.

Love you guys.

Mrs. Rabe said...
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Kristi said...

You will always cherish those pictures.

Anonymous said...

What great family pictures!! Glad to hear Geoff's leg is healing well. PT is great!!

I like how your pictures are bordered with the old corners. How did you do that???