Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Meme

Alicia and Miss Paula had theirs up this morning so i thought I'd join them!

I am: just a regular girl who wants to glorify God with my life.
I think: my husband is so brave!
I know: that being a mom is amazing!
I want: my family to be safe
I hate: fake people
I miss: our family in Northern Ireland
I fear: Snakes and crocodiles
I feel: excited about our future
I hear: the AC and Elijah's fan in his room
I smell: coffee
I crave: a hug from my little man, he's still sleeping
I search for: God will
I regret: when i argue with my husband
I love: life
I ache: in my leg when i look at Geoff's
I care: about my family and friends
I always: have a cup of coffee in the morning
I am not: good at communicating
I believe: we all need good friends in our lives
I sing: to Elijah, he's the only one i don't feel totally
I cry: at a lot of things, i'm not good at holding tears back, i wish i were! It's gets embarrassing!
I win: when I listen and obey the Lord
I lose: my joy when I focus on the wrong things
I never: want to go mountain climbing
I am scared: of losing family
I need: i have everything i need
I am: hungry
I hope: you enjoyed this

Your turn! Tell me if you post so I can come read!


Anonymous said...

I liked reading yours, this was fun to do it makes you get to know people better. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is fun!! Melissa I think you are a good communicator. Don't sell yourself short!!! Also you make cute little movies!!!

Alicia said...

I also hate fake people!! Thats the worst isnt it? This was definitely fun to get to know you and everyone else who did this more!! Blessings!

rachel said...

I did one too! But I have never before heard it called a meme...you crazy americans...it makes it sound like a poodle that lives in LA.

Elijah's Mommy said...

Thanks Miss Paula, i think i find it easier to communicate through writting.