Monday, April 21, 2008

Goodmorning Monday

My Monday is starting out pretty nicely. Elijah and I took Geoff to work this morning. The work truck is still in the shop getting worked on so we had to go pick up his climbing gear from there before work. I actually saw the sun rise this morning! There is a little cafe' next to the yard where the guys meet for work so we had time to get a quick breakfast together before everyone else arrived. We hadn't planed on breakfast thing so Elijah was still in his fuzzy jammies.

We've had a friend, Heidi, visiting from New York this past week. Later today Elijah and I are taking her back down to Tampa. We'll spend some time with my sister before we take Heidi to the airport. I'll spend the night with my sister and come back home tomorrow.
Here's a picture of Elijah and Heidi earlier this week.

I'll post more pictures when we get back.


Crystal said...

The black & white turned out really nice. I look fw to seeing the rest of those pics. See U soon! Elijah it was great to 'talk' w/U on the phone :-)

Anonymous said...

i had lots of fun with you. thanks for taking me to the airport.

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Can't wait for pictures!! Elijah looks like he gets along so well with all your visitors!