Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy but Good

Thank you all for the feedback regarding the missionary spotlight. It's encouraging to know you're excited about it too!
We've been having a busy week. It's been great. On Monday we had our yard cleared of all that brush. It's nice to be able to see our property now. I can't wait to get grass down and flowers growing! Maybe even a veggie garden!
Tuesday evening I met a couple friends at David's Bridal to try on bridesmaids dresses for Brittany's wedding. She's picked out a really pretty style in a beautiful green color.
Tonight we have Brittany and her fiance' Patrick along with Sherri and Jesse coming up for dinner. Oh and the puppy Lili!
Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. Erwin are coming for dinner. Mr. Erwin used to pastor Geoff's church in Northern Ireland. He and his wife moved here to Florida around the same time Geoff did to pastor a church down near Orlando.
Then on Saturday we have a big group of friends coming for a St. Patrick's day party. We're going to make Irish stew and have a bon fire out back. I hope it's cool enought to make the fire enjoyable. We'll roast hot dogs and marshmellows over the fire as well.
I wanted to show you this pictures of Elijah and his transformer truck tucked in together for a nap yesterday... yup, definatly a boy thing!


Anonymous said...

Oh this picture makes me long to hold my little boys again!! Now they are big!! But I still get in hugs ever so often!!

Kristi said...

A cute picture. I almost posted a similar one for my WW this week. I love sleeping boys pictures. I take so many of mine that they are going to ask me someday if I EVER slept when they were little.

Alicia said...

What a cute picture, all snuggled up!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I love that you and Geoff use your home for hospitality so often Melissa! It sounds like fun stuff at your St. Patrick's Day party!

As to Mr. Elijah, it reminds me of Kyle, he always needs some cars or Thomas to sleep with! Such precious boys!

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

awww so cute!
and what a big boy!
when did you start the toddler bed?
would you recommend waiting or going for it???

ash has been in a pack n play crib since 2 months old or so.... and now she's at the weight limit of 30lbs.... so we're looking at buying a crib.... she's not even 2 yet...and i just can't imagine dealing with a toddler bed...

what are your thoughts?