Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bruns Family

This is my good friend Katy and her beautiful family.
Esther and I met Katy at bible school in England
and became good friends. That was '02-'03.
The next thing we know it's 2004 and we all get
married the same year. Then we all have our
first child the same spring of '06. Now both Katy and
Esther are preggers and due in the fall! Exciting times!
I'm so happy for you both! It's so special to
be sharing these special times with you.
Esther, I hope you had a very special birthday on Sunday.

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by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

omg! i can't believe it! wow wow and wow! i'm gonna have to post a note on her blog... she deff has her hands full - especially with a third on it's way. my friend is doing it the same way... three back to back..and we both had our babies just months apart - i should say we had our firsts around the same time.... and now she's preggers with her third! i feel a bit behind...lol

God Bless! :)