Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I just want to wish my good friends Sherri and Jesse a happy anniversary!

These pictures were taken a year ago today. It was such a beautiful day with beautiful memories made. Both Geoff and I had the honor of being in the wedding. Elijah had just turned one and he was more interested in eating the flowers.
Look quick! This is one of the rare times you'll see my husband wearing a tie!

One of my favorite family pictures. Melody was the photographer and she did an amazing job!

I can't leave this picture out! This is Brittany and Elijah at the reception.
I love it, i think it's so cute! Jesse and Sherri, we wish you many more happy years together.

We love you.



Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Anniversary Sherri & Jesse!!! it certainly was a beautiful wedding. (:Crystal:)

Auntie Brittany said...

I love those pics! I have that pic of you and Geoff and Elijah framed in my apartment. (And the one of me and E is one of my favs too :) It was such a wonderful day with wonderful friends! Yay for wonderful friends and happy anniversaries!