Friday, February 22, 2008

Blog Awards

I feel so blessed by you each time I receive one of these! It totally makes my day! =) Maybe it's the fact that people out there find enjoyment here at Elijah's Adventures and keep coming back!
And I love being able to pass them along and tell you about some one special....

The Random Acts of Kindness Award came from my Aunt Deanna at Creekside Cottage. She has a great post up right now about how she shows honor and respect to her husband. A good reminder for all us wives. I like hearing how other wives are taking honor and respect and making them felt and heard to their husband. Ok, i just reread that sentence and does that make sense? Not really? Alright, i'm just going to let 1 John 3:18 say it, since he says it best... "let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth." That's what I'm trying to say! Putting deeds and actions to honor and respect!

Since the first person who comes to my mind when I think of random acts of kindness is my sister, I'm going to pass this award on to her. Crystal, flew up from Florida to Pennsylvania to be with me at the birth of Elijah. When we got home she gave me a goodie bag she had put together with a bunch of little gifts for me to open. I wasn't supposed to open them all at once, but when ever I was feeling a bit down or blue I could go pick a gift out of the bag and open it and remember I was loved and that would cheer me up! Wasn't that thoughtful?

Another friend who is full of random acts of kindness and deserves this award is Carrie. Yes, you are! Don't argue, my friend =) How many people would take a two year old out for Mexican? Although that picture you put up of me isn't too kind! Hmm, maybe I should take it back! But no, one silly picture can't make up for all the joy and kindness you bring to your friends lives.

Here is yet another act of kindness on my sister's part. She didn't know I was giving her that award when she gave me this award! Crazy stuff! Thanks Crystal!

I'd like to pass it on to Alicia. She has a beautiful blog called Renewed in Him. She's a young wife, just like me, and I'm so glad to have "met" her through Aunt Deanna, who is also her Auntie Dee in-law.
Alicia, teaches school and has some really great stories about her kids. You can tell she just loves those kids and really enjoys what she does


PS. Spell checker is BACK! Hallelujah!


Mrs. Rabe said...

You are so sweet Melissa! Thank you for your kind words.

I am glad that you are getting to know Alicia! She is a sweetheart and I think you both would be great friends!

Love Aunt Deanna/Auntie Dee

Alicia said...

Hi Melissa!! I didnt know that Deanna was your Aunt? You will have to explain that to me! haha Awards make my day too!!

the feathered nest said...

Hi Melissa, Congrats on the award - it's a nice feeling to receive one isn't it!