Friday, December 07, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

The other day Elijah and I put up our little 4' Christmas tree. It's so much fun this year because Elijah can be involved in a lot more now that he's getting older.

Helping mommy unpack all the ornaments. Our little man has a fascination with the ornaments.
(the tree's only been knocked over once so far!)
Elijah decided that he wanted to be shipped to N. Ireland early. =) He fit perfectly into the Christmas tree box! He squeezed himself in there and tried to close all the flaps.
Our stockings. Each one lovingly knitted by my wonderful grandma!
Christmas in black and white
sweet little hands
The tree at night
Some of my favorite ornaments.
Some of the pictures turned out a bit blurry because i didn't want to use my flash.

This little bear has hung on our tree for a long as I can remember.
There was one year when I was small where we unpacked him and his round little arm had fallen off! I was so upset until my mom glued it back on and he took his place on our tree once again. Mom's can fix anything!

This rocking horse is another one that has always been around and brings back those special Christmas memories.

Snuggles in the branches.
This cute snow couple is a newer addition from 2004 years ago when Geoff and I celebrated our 1st Christmas together.

This olive wood ornament was brought back from the Holy Land by my Grammy and Grandpa Sherwood.

Yay! A kid friendly one! My friend, Heather, sent this to us a few years ago. She put her time and care into this special Christmas gift.

This little snowman bell is a new one from last year and is one of Elijah's favorites.
Thank you, Beth! =)

Only 18 days till Christmas!

Have a great weekend!


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