Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday Night Bible Study...

This is Evan and Karen, every Thursday evening they open up their beautiful home to us and host a bible study. Not only do they host us they usually feed us too! Karen bakes the most amazing chocolate cake!

Deep in the study of Revelation...

Max usually entertains Elijah while we study. Elijah just loves Max. The dog gets no peace while Elijah is there!
Hmmm... i'm thinking we need a dog of our own. =)
Look at Max... is that a grin on his cute doggy face? Elijah wants to play! Poor Max!
As you can see Max is a very gentle and patient dog!
This is Don and our little man.


Karen said...

Hey, thanks for the photos but no fair - I look mad (as in unhappy not crazy....hmmm, on second thought, I do look a bit crazy too)! LOL! =)

We love you guys a bunch!

ashlee joann bailie said...

aww that's sooo cute! we have a lil shihtzu- 2 year old pup...and ashes just loves him! i think puppies are good for kids! so go for it!!! :)