Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our new home

Hey everyone, we've got some fun stuff to share with you today!

For a while now we've been looking at houses for sale. The Lord, (and our Realtor, Melony Coppi) led us to a cute little house in Lake Helen that we really like. Lake Helen is a little town about 15 min. from mom and dads. It's a great little town with lots of character. Estimated population in 2006: 2,790.

We decided that this was the house for us and yesterday we joined the ranks of America's home owners. The closing went well and the keys handed over to us. It was kind of surreal in a way. Did we really just buy a house?! Kind of scary when you dwell on it too long! But great and exciting too! We've been looking forward to this for a long time! God is so great and I know His timing is always perfect.

The house is on 2 acres of land. Most of the land needs cleared so that will keep Geoff busy for a while. He says he can take care of the outside if I'll take care of the inside. Sounds good to me! So this week comes the cleaning, painting and buying furniture! Then this weekend we will move in to our new home!


ashlee joann bailie said...

congrats to the three of you! we're so happy for you! i hope everything goes smoothly - the move, etc!
get that guest room all set up as well!!!! cuz we wanna come visit you!!!! :P :) hee hee

Mrs. Rabe said...


I have been praying for you all week, and especially on Monday!

Can't wait to see what you do, paint wise etc...

Aunt Deanna

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new house!

Sonya's Spot said...

Hoorah, Gills! That's so exciting! I'm happy for you guys.

Love you all,