Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Slide Show...

Here's the slide show from our trip to Northern Ireland. The only pictures that are missing are of our day over in Scotland visiting my cousins. Mommy forgot her camera that day! gasp! So Nana bought a disposable camera for us to use. They are getting developed right now, mommy can pick them up tomorrow. So maybe this weekend mommy will get them up here.
Hope you enjoy the slide show... it's kind of long, sorry. There were just so many pictures!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Lovely Melissa!

It is so beautiful there and I just love the pictures of Charlie, Freda and Rachel with Elijah - You can just feel them storing up all the memories in their hearts!

Love you all
Aunt Deanna

ashlee joann bailie said...

awww that music made me nearly cry!!!!!!

wasn't it hard to leave?!

i miss it so much! well england anyway... :)

we just got tickets to go in october! 2 weeks long holiday! it'll be sooo nice! and first time for the cuzzies to all meet! how sweet... :)

so i'm glad to hear that yer lil boy did so well on the flights... i can only hope for mine. :) she's a handful!!!!! in a good way..but just LOTS AND LOTS of energy!

anyway..email me when you get a chance.... i'm off to make josh some lunch!