Saturday, June 16, 2007

Favorite Moments

Goodbye cool, green Northern Ireland... hello hot, steamy Florida. Our trip home went smooth enough with no delays this time. Though I don't know who was more ready to get off the airplane in New York, mommy or me! It seemed like a really long flight!

Mommy just wanted to share some of her favorite photos with you from our trip. She is going to make a slide show too. But for now here are a few of her favorites.

Some beautiful roses at granda' and nana's.

We had some good family time. Nana taught Mommy how to make Irish Potato Bread. We made it gluten free so Daddy could eat it too.

Here's Nana and Tara the dog out in the garden.

And here's me helping granda' with the flowers.

I just loved being outside! We spent a lot of time out side as long as it wasn't raining.

One of my favorite things to do was to help nana feed the hens. After a few day I finally got the idea that I was supposed to throw the bread to the hens instead of trying to eat it myself.

It got warm for a few days and Nana gave me a mango popsicle! Look at how blue the sky was!It was beautiful!

Mommy likes this picture because i'm sleeping in the same crib that my daddy slept in when he was a baby!

My first taste of Starbucks! A Java Chip Banana Frappachino!
I'm hooked!

We were out shopping and I got tired of looking at shoes so I fell asleep in Auntie Rachel's arms.
And one more...

Wet baby caught in rain storm... not happy!

This picture makes mommy laugh because I look so put out! One afternoon we had to run to the car through a torrential down pour and this was the result. Good ol' Ulster weather!


Auntie Brittany said...

Wow. You all look like you had such a good time! I missed you all! Your pics have convinced me. I really, really want to go to Ireland. Might have to be my next vacation...Wanna go back?? Love you all!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I can't wait to see your slide show! It looks amazing!