Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One Year Old!

On Sunday, February 11th at 7:22pm I turned ONE year old. We spent the day with friends at the NTM training center here in Missouri. It was so great to see friends. It's also exciting to hear what they've been learning in class about reaching the world for Christ. They only have one more semester left of training so they're making plans. In Psalms some where it says something like "Man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps." It's good to know that HE's the one leading us. So no matter what we go through we can trust Him to be right there going through it with us.

Here's Sonya and I. She is planning on going to work in Brazil.

And this is Carrie. She's headed to Paraguay.

This is BJ Armstrong with her son Ben and little Abigail who was born only three weeks ago. BJ, her husband Ken and the family are going to Indonesia to serve the Lord.
There are many more people that we saw on Sunday that are so special to our family but I didn't get pictures of them all. Mommy will try to get pictures of them to post on here so you can meet them and see where they are headed to. Watch out world, here they come!

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