Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy to see Daddy!

Mommy worried about taking me on the airplane for nothing! I was a very good traveler. The only time I cried was when she took the airplane safety booklet away from me before I could chew it to pieces! When we landed I got so excited that the people sitting next to us were laughing at me. Daddy was working so mommy's Aunt Ginna cousin Sara picked us up from the airport.
That night I was so happy to see my daddy again! I wrapped my arms around his neck, laid my head on his shoulder and held him really tight. Daddy was happy to see me too. Mommy could tell because she hasn't seen him smile so big for anything else.

I missed you daddy!

Life is good when your in daddies arms!

Mommy and I spent the day with Sara on Wednesday. We get along great!

Some pictures from Florida before we came up to Missouri.

Look mom! Someone is making a mess with the toilet paper!
I wonder who it could be!
Who me!?

My first birthday present! Uncle Kent and Aunt Deedee sent me these awesome blocks!
They are so much fun! Even mommy has fun playing with them with me!

I love going over to Grandpa and sitting with him in his comfy chair. Well one night mommy hears him laugh and say "now here's a kodak moment!" He had put his reading glasses on me!

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Dave & Katie said...

Great pics, we enjoyed seeing you guys.