Friday, February 02, 2007

Early morning Tornados!

We had a very bad storm last night. In the middle of the night it passed right over us and a tornado did a lot of damage in DeLand a couple miles up the road from us. This is the second tornado to hit DeLand in a little over a month! The more we see of the damage the more we praise the Lord for his protection over us last night.
The tornado in DeLand wasn't the only one to hit. 14 people lost their lives last night and some people are still missing. One family in particular needs our prayers. They were a family with four children, both parents and one child were killed. Hundreds and hundreds of homes were destroyed. The gov. has declared our county and a couple other counties a state of emergency. It really is a mess.
Daddy called mommy from Missouri at 4:30am to tell her to watch out for a tornado. Mommy and I were already awake because of the storm. Mommy was letting me sleep with her and when I heard the wind and the rain hitting the windows I sat up in bed looked at mommy and started talking. Needless to say, none of us got much sleep last night.
Daddy's boss has been getting calls all day for work. So daddy is coming home tomorrow or sometime soon! We can't wait to see you, Daddy! We love you!


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Dave & Katie said...

Hey guys!

Glad to hear that you are safe!