Thursday, September 21, 2006

Walk for Life!

I'm going to be part of the Walk for Life to raise money for
Grace House Pregnancy Resource Center, Inc. The Walk is on October 21. Since I don't think I'll be walking by then I'm going to have mommy push me in my stroller. Grace House is a pregnancy resource center for women in crisis pregnancys. My mommy used to work at Grace House so she has seen the awesome work that they are doing here in DeLand. Every day they are touching lives and making a difference in so many ways! I want to have a part, that's why I'm a part of the Walk. If you want to help reach more women and babies you can walk too! And if you can't walk you can help by sponsoring me! Together we can make a difference!
Bath time!
Mommy got a seat that keeps me from slipping all over the place.

Once I've got my eyes on something there's no stopping me!

It's easy to make me laugh. =)

More SMILES for you!

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