Wednesday, September 13, 2006

7 Months Old!

I'm 7 months old now! Actually 7 months and 2 days. Let's see what have I done and learned this month... at the beginning of the month I started crawling and pulling myself up, now I'm always trying to reach higher, and I've finally learned how to lower myself down when I'm standing so I don't fall, if I want to go to someone I'll reach out my arms and lean towards them, I have 5 teeth (two on top and three on the bottom), I can sit up without falling over and sit up from laying down, "talking" more all the time (although no one has any idea what I'm saying). I just started clapping my hands, and I've made lots of new friends. There's always someone new to meet! Oh and another first this month is I got my first runny nose yesterday! It's not fun to be sick. Daddy says i'm building my immune system.

Me and my Daddy... you can see where i get my good looks. =)

The other day I finally got to meet my Auntie Marsha. She calls me "Cuddle Bear", but I look more like Oscar the Grouch in this picture!

Earl Gray doesn't get as much attention from mommy like he used to before I came along. He must feel left out because he jumped right up on mommy's lap when she was holding me. He doesn't usually do that.

Smiles for you!

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