Saturday, June 24, 2006

Four Months Old!

This is turning out to be a big month for me! I turned four months on June 11th and that was the day my FIRST TOOTH came in! Nobody lets me chew on their fingers anymore! That's ok because i've found that my toes reach my mouth now!
I also went blueberry picking with mommy and grandma and helped them hold the bucket!
Let's see what else have i done this month...
I went to the beach with daddy and mommy and put my feet in the water! I think i'm going to love playing in the sand when i get older. Mommy says she'll make sand castles with me! (so will grandma!)
And just this morning i rolled over onto my tummy all by myself!
And the months not even over yet!

I can't wait to make sand castles!

Dad and I enjoying the sunshine!

I love to play with my hands.
I've discovered my feet now so my toes are my new favorite thing to chew on.

This is me waking up. I've always got a smile for you!

A beautiful day at Daytona Beach!

Bath Time!

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rachel said...

hey!have to say i am liking the blog, the wee man is dead cute! but Geoff, whats the craic with your hair in the Daytona beach photo, Elijah has more hair than you in that one, you didn't tell me you were going bald man!keep the photos coming luv rachel