Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

We enjoyed spending the weekend camping with some friends.

It's been chilly and rainy for weeks with the odd sunny day here and there. The weekend we were camping did end up being cloudy and chilly but fortunately it didn't rain on in except at night when we were inside.

All the pictures were taken with my cell phone so they aren't the best quality. 
There were four families there and quite a lot of children running around.
This is Ethan and his buddy Quinn.

 It was chilly but apparently not too cold for quick jumps in the river or water gun fights.

There was this huge log jam clogging up the river that the guys worked on clearing.

Hmmm. I wonder what the best way to deal with this is...

...let's blow it up!

Obviously that's the only way to go.

The audience. 

The audience moved well out of range.

The explosions were a little disappointing and didn't unclog the whole jam but made a good dent in it. 

This was a spot further down the river where Geoff cut up a huge tree that had fallen over the water. It was the first time he worked with a chainsaw while wearing waders. :) That water was icy!

There were lot of marshmallows roasted, s'mores and hot dogs eaten, four wheeling rides taken, and plenty of chats around the fire. Good times.


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Deanna Rabe said...

That looks like a good time! Too bad you didn't have video of the log jam breaking up!