Sunday, February 19, 2017

We Have a Snowboarder!

Elijah is the second one coming down the hill on his snowboard. The first kid is a buddy of his from his class. They both stayed after class and did a few more runs down the mountain together.

The weather was beautiful today! Sunshine and not too cold so it was enjoyable to stand outside and wait for Elijah to make it down the mountain.

During his class he wears the vest but took it off after class for his last few runs.

Watching the hill they'll be coming over.

Here they come!


And up they go again!

He's learned so much in just the few days he's been taking lessons.

We're so proud of him!

Next week Ethan and I have a skiing lesson together. Ethan kept saying he would rather doing skiing than snowboarding but was hesitant to try it until I offered to do it with him. Now I'M the nervous one! haha! I can see this going either going well or very badly! 

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