Monday, February 06, 2017

Dublin Snapshots

Still catching up with our Christmas visit to Northern Ireland. I finally got the photos off Geoff's phone of our trip to Dublin.

My Christmas gift from Geoff was an overnight trip to Dublin just the two of us! The boys stayed with Auntie Rachel, Nana, Granda. Thanks family!

January 1st
We took the early train from Belfast to Dublin which took two hours. Once we arrived we found our hotel and dropped off our bags. Then got a bite to eat and hopped on the "hop on hop off" tour bus. It was a great way to see a lot of sights in just a short time. The buses take you all over the city and you can get off at any stop you want to explore more and then hop back on when another bus comes around.

See my new hat? My mom in law made it for me for Christmas! Love it!

Our hotel.

Molly Malone

 On the bus.

Some of the doors of Dublin

 St Patricks

Over looking Dublin at sunset.

We enjoyed walking around the city at night with all the Christmas lights.

January 2nd

 I loved how everything was still decorated for Christmas. This tree was in our hotel.

Trinity University

Geoff the tree man checking out the trees on the campus.

These guys were not statues. Geoff and I stood there for a long time looking to see if we could catch them moving but they were so still! They did move if you put some coins in their bucket. :)

Then it was time to catch our train back up to Northern Ireland. It was a fun little trip. Very relaxing and special to spend time with Geoff.

This sign was in the coffee shop in Dublin where we picked up some coffee before hoping on the train home. It made me laugh. :)

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