Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Trip: Florida

The Christmas adventure begins!

We had a late night flight out of Anchorage.
We flew Anchorage to Denver. Denver to Orlando.  

We are spending Christmas with Geoff's family in Northern Ireland this year. But got to spend a couple days with my family in Florida on the way. We'll spend more time in Florida on our way home.
Goodbye Alaska! See you later! 

We got to spend a couple of days soaking up the warmth and sunshine of Florida and family.
It was special to see my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins who were visiting from Missouri.

The boys were out first thing catching bugs and lizards.

After months of Alaskan winter a huge dose of Vitamin Sea was just what my beach lovin' heart needed. It was also good for my heart to see my bestie and her kids! We all met up at the beach and did some serious catching up. The kids played all day in the sand and surf.

Next up: Northern Ireland!

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