Wednesday, September 14, 2016

McHuge Creek Wildfire

About this time last year the boys and I discovered a trail that led up a mountain along Turnagain Arm and led us to the most amazing overlook of the inlet and mountains. We started calling it "our spot". You can see the post from that hike here.

Back in July we had a huge wild fire burning right outside the city of Anchorage. Thankfully it was contained in the Chugach State Park and didn't damage any homes or lives, though it came close! It came all the way to "our spot" and a little bit father. We took a hike up there yesterday since for the first time since the fire. It was interesting to see the fire damage. How some trees were fine while the one next to it was burnt.

After the hike we spent some time playing in the creek.

Here are some before and after shots just for reference. Both taken in September a year apart.

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Deanna Rabe said...

Must be so interesting to see it when you know it so well. I've heard that after a fire in wilderness areas, the flowers are more amazing and everything grows back healthy. In some places they do controlled burns, purposely, to help the trees to spread their seeds. I think in Yosemite among the Sequoia trees.

You'll have to go there in September next year and get similar photos so we can see how it's doing!

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Auntie Dee