Monday, August 08, 2016

Summer Afternoons are the Best!

Oh boy, I need to do some catching up around here. :)

These photos were from July 28th. The boys and I went on Base for the first time with a friend who's husband is in the Army. We went to pick raspberries but had to make a stop to see the planes first.

So much beauty. Took a walk with my friend Sarah in what turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon.

The first sunshine we've had all week, or since! 

We went for a walk, picked raspberries, watched the Blue Angles soar right overhead, and saw a huge bull moose trot right by us, the biggest we've ever seen! 

The Blue Angles were up here getting ready for the big air show that was held on base that weekend. It was really neat to see them so close.

Then my boys chased grasshoppers while i got some baby snuggles with little Maggie.

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Deanna Rabe said...

You're building a sweet, sweet life in Alaska Melissa!

Thankful for the friendships that you've made, how your marriage has been strengthened and how your boys are thriving!

God is good.

Aunt Deanna