Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Hike and a Wild Fire

Friends, rivers, and waterfalls. What a great morning.

Our hiking group enjoyed a hike in Eagle River this week. 
It was a short easy hike but very rewarding when it ended at a waterfall. 
Plus it gave us time to let the boys play in the creek on the walk back.

In other news we have a wildfire burning just south of our city. 

This is a picture taken this morning. Not by me.
The McHugh Creek Fire Wednesday morning. Mike Nederbrock / KTUU photo.

I'm really sad because it's burning one of our favorite hiking spots.

Here's a photo of when we took mom and dad up there for a hike when they were here. 
(Mom, it's really bad from the spring to Beluga Point.)

The road you see in the fire photo is the only road leading south of Anchorage and they've had to close the road or have it down to one lane due to smoke and debris falling on the road. So you can imagine the backed up traffic  

That's the road we need to take tomorrow to get to the Kenai Peninsula to go dip netting.

Dip netting is only open for a few weeks and Geoff's company gives them the day off on Friday and we all go down to the Kenai to catch our salmon for the year. Not sure it's gonna happen this year.

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Deanna Rabe said...

I love rivers and waterfalls!

So sorry about the fire and the road south. Hope you can go dip netting!