Friday, June 03, 2016

Special Visitors!

Some very special visitors were here for two wonderful weeks. They just left yesterday and now I get the joy of going back through all of our many photos and memories.

We hadn't seem my mom and dad since we said goodbye to them the day we left Florida and moved to Alaska over two years ago. This was their first visit to Alaska and tried to fit as much into our time together as possible. :)

The boys and I made some signs to hang around the house for when they arrived. We were so excited!

Here we are at the airport on May 17th impatiently waiting for their flight to arrive

Yay! They're here! So happy!

 Out for Lunch at Moose's Tooth Pizzeria.

A walk at Potter Marsh.

Chattin' with his grandma.

Watching the minnows with Grandpa.

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Deanna Rabe said...

I'm so excited that they were able to visit! I'm sure it did everybody's heart good!

Did your dad fall in love with Alaska?