Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Of course we had to take mom and dad to see all the animals at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center while they were here! Spring is a great time to visit since new babies are being born to many of the different animals at the Center.

If you pull off at mile marker 109 along the Seward Highway you'll find a spring with ice cold fresh water. We stopped and filled up all of our water bottles on our way by.

It was a super gorgeous day. I'd say the best weather we've ever had while visiting the center. Even though it's just an hour down the road that area gets a lot more rain than we do in Anchorage. Our guide told us that since January they've had over 7 FEET of rain there in Portage and in Anchorage we only got 2 INCHES.

 "Watch me Grandma! I'm flying!" ~Elijah

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