Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sledding in Hatcher Pass

The lack of snow around Anchorage is a little discouraging for sledding so we headed out of town one Saturday to a place that was sure to have lots of the white stuff.

This picture was taken in Wasilla on our way to Hatcher Pass.

The road up to the top parking lot and trail head at Hatcher Pass. In the summer this is a great place for hiking and in winter people snow machine, ski, and sled up here.

Whoohoo! Snow! Now we're talking!

Ethan pretty much followed his Uncle Andrew everywhere. There goes Andrew threw the deep snow
up the mountain and Ethan is right behind! :)

I just love the combination of blue sky, mountains, and snow.

Pretty mountain, right?

Let me show you that again. 

See the tiny dot at the end of the arrow? 

That's Andrew and his sled. Crazy fellow.

Guess Ethan didn't want to follow him that far. :)

The boys were really worried about Andrew way up there but he had an amazing sled ride down and made it safe and sound.

When the sun sank behind the mountains, the shadows crept up, and the temperature dropped we headed back. Despite being cold and wet we met up with our friends for a bit to eat before heading home.

It was a good day and wore us all out. Well, most of us. I don't think Geoff or Andrew were worn out yet. :)

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Deanna Rabe said...

Love this post Melissa!

It's so stunning there! I can't believe Andrew got up so high! Wow!

You're all thriving there and that makes me so happy!

Aunt Deanna