Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wonderfully Made Christmas Bazaar

Our church hosts a Christmas Bazaar each December.
It has grown each year and has quickly become one of the best bazaars of the year!

Vendors sign up early in order to be included and many are on a waiting list.

Every room in the church is filled with a wonderful variety of goodies.

Freshly roasted nuts filled the place with a festive and mouth watering aroma.

Look how cute they are wrapped up!


I had a booth for Lilla Rose in one of the upstairs rooms.

I told Geoff at the end that I had filled my yearly quota of talking to people in ONE DAY! ;)

We were busy all day long! It was a huge success and so much fun.

The ladies of the church who started the bazaar four years ago started it with the aim of blessing the vendors who come.

Each room is assigned a "red apron" lady who is there to help in any way such as watching the booth for bathroom breaks, bringing coffee, and they even provide lunch! Amazing! They pray with and for the vendors and each vendor gets a little gift bag with an invitation to the Christmas Eve service. Pretty cool!


Deanna Rabe said...

That is an awesome event! So glad it is a blessing to the vendors - I know it must be a blessing to those who attend! What amazing variety of goods!

Lots of love to you and Geoff and the Hobbits!

Aunt Deanna

Melissa Gill said...

Thanks Aunt Deanna!