Friday, October 16, 2015

In Between Seasons

After such a gloriously beautiful Spring, Summer, and early Autumn, the last few weeks of constant heavy clouds and rain have been a little rough. There's been so many low hanging clouds that they've often obscured the mountains around Anchorage for days at a time. You can almost forget they are even there.

Then when the clouds lift it's almost a shock to see them so close again. It's like when we first moved here and we couldn't take our eyes off the mountains. We shouldn't have been allowed to drive, it's hard to keep your eyes on the road with so much beauty around you. :)

The last day of September brought us the first snow fall of the season.

Though by that afternoon most of it had melted away and it was completely gone in a day or so.

Things became very grey drizzly after that. This foggy morning photo was taken on our way to the school bus stop. There are mountains in this view normally.

Geoff's in charge of the firewood cutting and delivery at Tall Trees. One Saturday morning the boys and I went in with him to help load the truck with a cord of wood for delivery. If you want a good workout try tossing those chunks of wood around for an hour.

School has been keeping us busy as well as babysitting. Since school started i've been watching a neighbor boy before and after school. Then a month ago I started watching another little boy from the neighborhood after school. Things can get a little crazy.

We've been hosting a small group bible study in our home each week. It's been an encouragement to us and i'm excited to use our home to hopefully bless and encourage others.

We haven't been going on as many adventures lately it seems. Probably because of the rain and every weekend something comes up that keeps us in town. In a couple weeks though we are going to get to spend the weekend in Girdwood so we're really excited about that!

We're defiantly in between seasons right now. There are still a few yellow leaves hanging on and some low bushes with color but Fall is past it's prime and fading fast. It's getting colder and we had that touch of snow but Winter has not arrived in full force either. Days are shorter now with sunrise around 8:30 and sunset at 6:30. This last photo was taken a few days ago around 7pm.

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Deanna Rabe said...

I love this post!

I like seeing what your days are like, since I know that you are not only hiking and sight seeing! :)

Love you all!