Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turnagain Arm Hike

Last week we were driving down the Seward Highway on the way to meet some friends for a hike when rocks start falling all around us and hitting our car. We were driving by cliffs like these and there were mountain goats climbing around up there knocking rocks off onto the road. There were some good sized chunks of rock too! That got our hearts pounding!

Must have been just pebbles hitting our our though because amazingly we didn't even get a crack in our windshield!  

We met our friends at the Bird Creek campgrounds and then enjoyed a walk along Turnagain Arm.

Lunch time!

At mile marker 109 along the Seward Highway is a spring and every time we pass it we say we'll have to stop sometime. Last week on our way home we finally did. The water was so cold!


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