Monday, July 20, 2015

Kenai Dip Netting Adventure

What a weekend! 

We got to go dip netting in the Kenai and Geoff pulled in 35 sockeye salmon. A new adventure for us- and a huge success for our freezers!

Mike and Marianne give all the employees Friday off to go dip netting if they want to. 
We set out Thursday after Geoff got home from work.

Drive along Turnagain Arm on our way to Kenai on Thursday evening. It was a rainy and windy drive. 

Thankfully Friday morning was clear. No more rain.
The Post's rented a little house on the beach and we camped out on the lawn. It was so nice, you could hear the ocean waves and the seagulls.

Morning visitors! Juliette and Daisy came to say hello.
(These two belong to the Post family)

Another Friday morning visitor took a break in a nearby tree.

The best time to dip net we learned is about an hour and a half after the tide comes in. So guys had left for the beach early. Later on that morning the rest of us loaded up on the four wheeler and drove down the beach about ten minuets to where they were fishing.

Joseph, He's a Post too. Actually all the other kids you'll see in my photos are part of the Post family.

Sam and Daniel.

This is Marie working on the fish as her hubby pulls them out of the water.

Marie's husband Paul goes to wash off a fish he just caught.

Mike and Marianne.

You already know this kid.

And this kid. :)

Geoff had a blast even though it was really cold in the water!

Geoff caught 21 on Friday! By the end of the weekend we brought home 35! Whoohoo!

The end of a long day.


Mrs.Rabe said...

That is awesome!

I was telling someone how good salmon is expensive and therefore a treat for most people. I said, "Melissa's boys will be like, 'salmon, again?' ha ha

Glad for such a great haul.

Aunt Deanna

Melissa Gill said...

Exactly! We never got salmon at home before now! We're so excited! Ethan especially loves salmon. I made salmon patties for the first time for dinner last night. I love that it's so quick to cook. It felt really good serving my family something fresh and wild caught.