Friday, July 24, 2015

Kenai Dip Netting Adventure ~ Part 3

Saturday morning the guys headed back down the beach with their gear for another day of dip netting.
They went out in the morning for the high tide then came back to the house for lunch and then went out again for the evening tide. So it was nice to have them around for a good part of the day.

We cleaned fish, talked, drank coffee, played games, read books, and enjoyed our time together.

Geoff bringing in another one!

Kenai Beach is over taken with dip netters this time of year.
It's windy, cold, loud, messy and crowded down there on the beach where everyone was fishing so it was really, really nice to have a clean, quiet, house to go back to and stay at. Plus a REAL bathroom! haha! ;)

Folks heading home after a day on the beach. 
Mount Redoubt (an active volcano) on the horizon.

Tomorrow i'll post the last of the photos. They'll be of our drive home.

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