Tuesday, July 07, 2015

4th of July Weekend

Our bags were packed, we were ready to go... 

... camping in Wasilla! 

And we weren't the only ones! :)

The Post's are very generous in sharing what the Lord has blessed them with.
This is their property in Wasilla and they are constantly sharing it with their friends.

We call this our Summer Home. :)

Maybe I shouldn't call it "camping" since we get to sleep in this lovely little cabin.

Geoff got home from work early on Friday and then we drove up there.

The  boys enjoying breakfast on the porch Saturday morning.

The neighbors golden retriever had nine puppies three weeks ago and on Saturday we got to go give them some snuggles. Oh my goodness, there's not much that is cuter than three week old puppies!

The scrunchies are so the owner can tell them apart. 
He weighs them everyday to make sure they are all growing and healthy.

The Little Susitna river runs through the property and we saw some large king salmon swimming up stream to spawn. 

These last fishing photos were taken at 10:30pm.



Neha said...

How much I have missed your lovely pictures. Feels so good to be back! Lots of love. Loved those scrunchies and the little ones in them

Melissa Gill said...

Welcome back Neha! :)