Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Glacier Cruise

Saturday, May 16th

Whittier and the surrounding area can be pretty cloudy and rainy this time of year so we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for our cruise.

The boat took us around the Prince William Sound where we saw many glaciers, mountains and wildlife.

We saw sea lions, mountain goats (kinda', they were really far away!), dall porpoise, lots of birds, and some adorable sea otters! Look how this mama sea otter is swimming on her back with her baby on her front?. 

When the boat was moving it was really windy on deck.

This is Surprise Glacier and were were able to get really close to it. While we were there we saw a huge chunk of ice fall off which is called "calving". There was a huge booming sound as it broke off and the made waves big enough to rock the boat.

The crew scooped up some glacier ice and here is Elijah holding a chunk of it.

Everyone had a table to sit down at inside the cabins.

Geoff and his Dad.

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