Sunday, February 01, 2015

Just a walk downtown

We learned that Super Bowl Sunday is THE time to walk around down town Anchorage if you want to avoid crowds. There was hardly anybody there and the streets were amazingly free of traffic. It was so nice!

We were down there this afternoon to see the ice sculptures in the park next to the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

There are many beautiful murals around town. Here are a couple we walked past today.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the last photo.

Anchorage looks like an amazing town, full of American life, even so far awhile from the lower 48!

Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the ice sculptures.

We are thinking of you all often - birthdays coming up and a visit from Rachel Gill, right?

Love you all

Aunt Deanna

Melissa Gill said...

Yep! Rachel is going to be arriving in one week and then we'll have Elijah's birthday, two days later it will be my birthday, and then two days later it will be Rachel's birthday! :)

Crystal T said...

There is so much to see & do! I want to visit in the summer & I never thought I'd say this - in the winter O.O

Thanks for taking us along. Your pics are so clear they make me feel I was there up close & personal to the sculptor =) Last picture is a cute one

Wish we could be there to celebrate Elijah, Rachel & YOU!! Happy B-day to all <3 OXOXOX