Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alaska Sunrise

Good morning!

We babysit a boy about Elijah's age before and after school now. He lives downstairs in our four-plex so it's very handy. He comes really early goes back to sleep in the boys room. Then I get him up and ready for school. As I was walking him to his bus stop this morning at 8:30 we got to enjoy this beautiful sunrise. The pink only lasted a few minuets so i'm glad we were out there to catch it!

The days are definitely getting shorter. We lose about six minuets of sunlight each day. 

Sunset is around 7:30pm now and sunrise about 8:30am.

It'll never get to be dark around the clock here in Anchorage. On our shortest day in the middle of winter we'll still have five hours of sunlight. 

I've hung some white Christmas lights in the living room and along with our candles and lights and lamps it's quite cozy. :)

This past weekend was pretty wet so we didn't do much outside. We found a pair of used ice boots for Elijah. He was so excited! They are much more comfortable on his feet than the rental skates and we won't have to rent them each time we go now. 

Come winter we'll find some frozen lakes around town to skate on.

He did much better on the ice this time. 

It's so much fun watching your kids learn and experience new things.

Well, i'd better get going and get school done with the boys. We've got three little boys coming at 11:00 for a while and then we're heading to their house for the afternoon to help their mama with somethings since she's eight months pregnant and shouldn't be doing a lot of lifting.

I'll leave you with another early morning photo of the same mountains from last week.

Have a great day you guys!!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful skies!

We are getting darker earlier and earlier too.

I'm glad you're making friends and settling in as Alaskans.

Aunt Deanna