Thursday, September 25, 2014

Earthquakes! + Reflection Lake ~ Alaska

Well, that was exciting! 

This morning we experienced our biggest earthquake since being here in Alaska. 

It registered at 6.2 and was about 80 miles northwest of us here in Anchorage. 

Our whole apartment was shaking under our feet, lights were swaying, and the boys and I stood there with wide eyes waiting for it to stop. It lasted at least a minuet which felt like forever!

Afterwards Elijah said "That was awesome!"
It was a rush, that's for sure!

Read more here.

Ok, now that my hearts stopped pounding I can share the rest of our pictures from Saturday.

After stopping at Eklutna Lake for a little while we went to find Reflection Lake. 
You can see the Eklutna Lake pictures here.

You can see how Reflection Lake got it's name...

We followed a lovely path around the lake.
The afternoon sunlight shining through the yellow leaves seemed to make the whole place glow.

He still collects sticks on his walks. 
As he gets bigger so do the sticks!

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Kim said...

Hi Mellisa, Kim Mitchell here from way down in Florida. You are living my dream girl and I can now read and see your beautiful pictures thanks to your mom. God bless you and keep you all safe from the earthquakes and the bears, oh my. Thanks for sharing.