Monday, July 07, 2014

{Gathering the Moments} June

Ethan breaking in the new art supplies!

Elijah working on his art.

Geoff and Elijah at breakfast one beautiful Saturday morning!

An afternoon hike in the mountains.

 A Cabela's came to Anchorage this year.

Game time!

At  Alaska Wild Berry Products.

Father's Day

Flying thru the rainbow!

A late evening sunset.

Thinking About Home


Cheryl said...

What fabulous photos of your handsome guys! I love the one with the two moose in the background. We visited my son and his family in Maine last year and we hoped to see a moose (I think ;), but we didn't. (We did see a porcupine and some kind of snake on a hike through Acadia National Park...although I didn't stop to look at the snake!) Have you seen any moose since you've been in Alaska?

P.S. I extended the link if you'd like to link your post. No pressure...only if you wish to.

Mrs.Rabe said...


These are wonderful! You are so great at documenting your family life. Such a gift to your boys for the future!

Love you and Miss you!

Aunt Deanna