Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This and That

When we moved to Alaska we left most everything behind. If I could go back and repack I would bring more of my warm weather clothes with me. 
I only brought one pair of short and a couple warm weather tops and i've worn them the most. 

The sun seems really strong here and 49degrees in the sun feels like shorts and tank top weather. 

For realz!
This picture is from back in April shortly after we moved here.
It was 49 degrees when we left the house and Elijah's wearing shorts and they are both in tshirts.

We were told we could find plenty of household furniture through craigslist and garage sales. Which is true, there are plenty people selling items out there. But we were surprised to find out the price of these used pieces of furniture. We saw a lovely couch at this one garage sale that we really liked but the owners were still asking $300 for it. At a garage sale.
And a thrift store couch is going for $400.

So all that to say our apartment has been look pretty sparse as we've been waiting and hoping to find some cheaper furniture that doesn't smell like a dog or look like it's been the the "64 Anchorage earthquake!

Speaking of earth quakes I felt my first earth tremor. Two of them so far actually. The first one I was leaning on our counter in the kitchen and felt the whole house move back and forth. But it happened so fast I thought maybe I was just getting dizzy. The second one woke me up at 6am one Saturday morning and there was no mistaking what it was!

Geoff came home with this pretty red chair the other day saying "We need to make this place a home." What a great guy!

 Elijah and Ethan are thrilled that there are a couple little boys living down stairs for the summer.

Yesterday a new friend picked us up and we went out to her house and spent most of the day there. They are getting ready to sell their house so I helped her do some painting and we sanded and painted her deck. The boys enjoyed a beautiful day outside.

"I miss painting.
Ethan told me that I knew we had to fix that problem. I missed painting too!
Our box from amazon full of art supplies arrived while we were out yesterday, yay!
We spent this morning painting.

I now on Instragram!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

I am going to pray that God gives you a great couch! I love the chair - go Geoff!

Fun for the boys to have some kids to play with right at your building, and that you are all continuing to build friendships. I was in your exact shoes 20 years ago when we moved to PA. We have built wonderful relationships but it did take time, and some relationships have changed but we love our life here.
It's just hard to start over with building those new relationships.

Love you guys!
Aunt Deanna