Monday, June 30, 2014

Alaska Botanical Gardens + Black Bears!

This weekend was a study in going with the flow and adapting to change of plans. Nothing went according to our plans but it still ended up being a great weekend!
Flattop Mountain
The plan for Saturday was going out for brunch then hiking Flattop Mountain. 

When we got to the restaurant it was packed full with folks from The Color Run so we had to wait for a table and then a while for our food. 
At breakfast with my hungry guys!
During that time we got a text from Geoff's boss inviting us to the Alaska Botanical Garden's Boreal Garden & Arts Fest. Geoff's boss was manning the Tall Tree's vendor booth so we decided to head over there since we figured we could always conquer Flattop the next day.

 I was surprised at how many things there was set up for the kids at the garden show.
The boys build bird houses, little flowerpot wind chimes, colored pictures, blew bubbles, pet goats, learned about worms and bugs...


But the absolute highlight was seeing a mama black bear and her two little cubs in the woods!!
 We got to see them a couple of times and they actually shut down the show a bit early because they couldn't get her to leave the area.

Watching the bears.

 In between black bear sightings we saw some gigantic rhubarb.
(it probably looks bigger in the picture)

I enjoyed seeing the different colored Foxgloves.

Since we had to leave early we headed home and watched The Lego Movie. The boys had been looking forward to this all week. You know how much they love their Lego's!

Then I went to my new job!
I'll be cleaning a medical clinic once a week on Saturday evenings. 
The clinic is located just down the street and around the corner. Close enough to walk to.

It's a lot of sweeping and mopping so it's a good work out! Instead of paying to go to a gym for exercise I'm actually getting paid to work out! hahaha! 

I worked with a couple people this time since they were showing me the ropes but I'll usually be on my own. I'm kind of looking forward to that... three and a half hours of alone time to listen to music or teaching while working and getting paid? Sure!

It went well and as I was heading home I was enjoying the walk and struck again with how light it still was outside. 

This was at 8:30 Saturday evening.

Then I turned around and saw this gift...

Perfect way to end the day!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

You are leading an amazing life there in Alaska! How awesome!