Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been a very sunny and dry summer so far.
Blue skies and sunshine nearly every day.

We're still enjoying our weekends of exploring our new city.
We spent some time this weekend at a new to us playground next to a lake.

There have been some wild fires south of us and the smoke has been blowing up our direction.
There have been times it's hard to see the mountains because the smoke is so thick. Thankfully we had a bit of rain yesterday and more coming this week so that should help with the fires. 

All the smoke in the air has been giving us some pretty sunsets!

Geoff actually had the day off so we packed a picnic on Memorial day and drove out of the city to the Eagle River Nature Center.

Our nature guide explaining what we're seeing. ;)

The hobbit Elijah takes a nap and gets swallowed by Old Man Willow...

And rescued by Treebeard...

Isn't the bark really neat?

The smoke was still pretty thick even up in Eagle River. 
There are mountains in the photo below but you can hardly even see the outline of them!

 Ethan sitting still and listening to the forest sounds.

So much space to explore!!

"I could just sit here all day" -Elijah

Someone got tired...

I can't blame him, it was a 4 hour hike!

Looking for the river.

Found it!

Looks like the smoke is clearing up.

Driving back to Anchorage we could see the smoke cloud hanging over the city and by the time we got home we couldn't even see the sun anymore.

No one is complaining about the rain this week.


Mrs.Rabe said...

What a beautiful place to live Melissa!

We have to come visit you!

Aunt Deanna

Crystal T said...

Thanks for taking us with you on the hike. Was good to see the smile on Geoff's & the boys faces =) Great one of Elijah in the tree & Ethan listening. What cool trees you have there. I've been telling ppl the pictures make it look like you are in a movie.. those tree ones make it look like a middle earth or narnia movie

Crystal T said...

That is my new favorite couple picture of the two of you! You both look youthful and the light makes you both glow