Friday, March 14, 2014

On Moving

This moving thing should be second hand to us by now. In our nearly ten years of marriage we have lived in Florida, moved to Pennsylvania, back to Florida, over seas to Northern Ireland, to Missouri, to Florida. And now we're heading to Alaska. You'd think I'd know what to do. But those moves aren't making this one any easier. We have four weeks until we leave. Actually yesterday was four weeks exactly and yet I find myself wandering around the house asking myself, "Where do I start?"

We have our tickets booked and I've finished our taxes so those are checked of the to-do list. yay!

I have started sorting through things. Taking some to a donation center, saving some for a garage sale and selling some online.

We're not taking much so we have a lot to get rid of. We're just taking what can fit in our suitcases and maybe shipping a few boxes. 

Any one have tips on the best way to ship things? I'm thinking we'll ship our books through the post office with their book rate. But what is the best way to ship other things, UPS, FedEx?

I've got two more photo shoots to do before we leave. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking this little man's photos. Isn't he the cutest!? You should see his dimples when he grins! :)

I'm still trying to do school every day with the boys. And our neighbor kids are here most afternoons so sometimes that makes it hard to get things done. But I know my boys are going to miss their friends so I want them to get the time with them before we go.

I keep thinking about all the people we have to say goodbye to and the things that will change. I really am excited about this new adventure our family is going on. And I know it will be good for us. It's just that change that is hard and goodbyes are never easy. I'm SO thankful that our Lord never changes, no matter where we live. He is leading this family and that is so comforting.

So that's where I'm at... torn between the excitement of what lays ahead of us and dreading the goodbyes.

My sister brought us a meal last night which I thought was so kind! Thanks Crystal!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Just keep looking to the Lord everyday for guidance and help with this move. He'll lead even in what to pack and what to store etc….

Excited with you!