Monday, March 17, 2014

Deep Sea Fishing Trip

 Elijah caught the biggest fish of his young life on Saturday. 
He came home sun kissed and very happy!

We had bought half off tickets a while back for the guys to go on a deep sea fishing trip. Elijah got a ticket for his birthday and has been looking forward to it ever since!

So on Saturday my dad, brother in law, Geoff and Elijah got up early and drove out to New Smyrna Beach to the Pastime Princess for day of deep sea fishing.
Photo credit here.
As they were going out to sea they got to see dolphins swimming and jumping in the waves along side the boat. The captain even let Elijah drive the boat.

Elijah caught the biggest fish of their group. It's a trigger fish and has some craaaazy teeth!
Check them out! eeeek! 

Dad caught the most fish and sent this red one home with my guys.
Andrew caught the fish on the right and Elijah says it was the best tasting one of the bunch.

Ethan had to hang out with the girls that day since he was too young to go on the fishing trip. 
I don't think he minded since there was food involved!

We all went out for lunch to Jason's Deli.

I think we all had a great day.
Any day that involves a chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream cone is a good day in my book! 

Ethan and Sweetie agree...

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