Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Visit to Brittany's ~ Day 2

Day two in Georgia found us packing the kids, all six of them, into the car and heading to the park for a photo shoot and play time. We had to get them out of the house to get rid of some of their endless energy!

The boys loved watching the water and the boats.

Trying to get a group shot.

"Ethan, smile!" 
"Elijah, hold on to Glory!" 
"Sam, sit up!"
"Joe, don't climb off the bench!"
Good times! :)

These two were buddies. First Ethan pushed Ella on the swing...

Then Ella pushed Ethan. :)

While the rest of the kids were playing. I took some photos of this lovely little lady.
She's almost 1! 
A couple years ago I had the honor of taking her big sister's one year old pictures too.


Thank you Lord, for the joy and blessing of our children. 
Truly, we are blessed.

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