Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learning by the Lake

On a spur of the moment yesterday I packed up our school books, Elijah grabbed his fishing pole and Ethan grabbed the chocolate chip cookies and we headed down to the little lake in our town.

I'm so glad we did!

Ethan spent time searching for these shells. "It's like the beach, mommy!", he said.

 At one point as we were sitting at the picnic table doing our school work four gorgeous sand hill cranes flew in and entertained us for a while.

This one here seemed to be the leader. 
He was larger than the rest and was always keeping an eye around them.

See, he's the lookout.

This kid hasn't met a tree he hasn't liked (and tried to climb). 

So after fishing, running around, tree climbing, bird watching, shell collecting and duck chasing... 

we sat down and did our bookwork.

It was the best kind of day!

Something I'm thinking would be fun is hosting a photo contest on my facebook and or blog.
Yesterday I asked what theme you'd be interested in seeing for the contest.
You can go to my facebook page here to leave your answer or just leave a comment on this post.
Thank you!


Tori said...

I think I'd prefer a people or nature photo contest! :)

Amy Buckman said...

Great post as always. And i love the idea of taking school to the lake! For a photo contest, I'd vote people. :o)